Apparently, Boldin wants to be traded from the Cardinals. The Cardinals will probably be looking for secondary help if they agree to trade him.

I wouldn't mind giving up Carr and Pollard and perhaps a 3rd rd. pick for Boldin. I think the Chiefs would rather have another high pick lining up opposite Flowers at CB anyway. Pollard wouldn't be such a big loss considering there are people in the organization who like Morgan more than Pollard already anyway.

Boldin at 27 would give us the #2 WR we've been searching for, whether its Bowe or Boldin.

I can hear it now; Bowe, Boldin, Brodie, Brad, Brandon, Branden, Brandon, Barry and Brian.... "The Kansas City Killer B's"

But in all seriousness, this would allow the Chiefs to use their first rounder on a LB and their second rounder on a CB and with Tank and Turk emerging on the Dline, you'd have to think the defense would be pretty close to finished.

I don't think another high pick would need to be expended on the Oline like was necessary this year. Herb Taylor will probably be either the next RT or OG. With he and Richardson developing, I just don't think it would be crucial to spend a high pick on the Oline again.

Considering the Chiefs could afford to trade away these players and picks, I think making a strong push for one of the best young WRs in the game would be a great move for a team in search of offense and a big time #2 WR.