I did this last season, but much later, so this season I may as well start it off now!

Chiefs vs Patriots-L (28-14)

Sorry to all of you homers, but we just don't have much of a chance in this one, unless Brady doesn't play, then we have a legitimate shot. I don't think the Pats will score more than 28 because Brady has yet to play, he should be rusty. We could score more than 14, it's obvious that our O-line has improved, so our running game should be good.

Raiders vs Chiefs-W (24-21)

This one could be interesting. Normally, I wouldn't go so close on the score, but the Raiders always seem to play us tough. Plus, I'm not sold on our run-D yet, so McFadden could have a killer game. We should be able to score on their defense, no problem.

Chiefs vs Falcons-W (17-3)

The Chiefs should have no trouble with this one. The Falcons have almost no offense, besides Michael Turner, and of course, Matt Ryan, but he has very few targets to go too. Their lines on both sides of the ball are horrible, as well. If we stop Michael Turner, this should be an easy one.

Broncos vs Chiefs-L (28-24)

The Broncos play us tougher than any team I've seen at home, and we NEVER beat them on the road, and I don't see that changing. I'm not saying that this game isn't winnable, but I just don't think we'll have the offense to keep up.

Chiefs vs Panthers-L (21-13)

This game will hinge on how well Flowers and our secondary can take care of Steve Smith and Muhammad. If those receivers have a field day, this could get ugly. If they handle them, we could steal this one.

Titans vs Chiefs-W (17-14)

I think the Titans greatly overachieved last season. Their defense is great, no question, but their offense isn't very good, and Vince Young hasn't become what they had hoped thus far. If we stop their running game, we should win this one in a low-scoring Hermie ball game.

Chiefs vs Jets-L (20-17)

I'm sure that most of you probably think I'm insane, but I'm not! The Jets are gonna be a MUCH better team this season. Improved O-line and a guy named Favre would equal a playoff contender. Again, we can beat them, just saying that it'll be tough.

Bucs vs Chiefs-L (14-10)

This defense could be the Chiefs worst nightmare. I see almost no way that the Chiefs can score a good amount of points on this defense. Thing is, the Bucs don't have much of an offense, either. Prepare for the one of the more boring games of the season, but it's only boring when you lose, right?!

Chiefs vs Chargers-L (35-17)

Sorry guys, no repeat performance this season. The Chargers are going for the playoffs, while the Chiefs are 3-5, and are just about done. We won't be able to stop their offense, and our offense won't be able to keep up.

Saints vs Chiefs-W (31-24)

The question is will we be able to handle Reggie Bush? If we can, we win. The Saints defense isn't that good, though their offense is very good. I think we can win this one by outscoring them.

Bills vs Chiefs-W (24-14)

I still question the Bills offense, especially at QB, but they do have playmakers, but I think our defense can stop them. Their defense isn't very good at all, and even after signing Kawika Mitchel, I just don't see that changing.

Chiefs vs Raiders-W (21-17)

Basically, a repeat of the game at home, just a little bit lower scoring.

Chiefs vs Broncos-L (35-10)

We haven't beaten the Broncos since before the stadium name changed! I don't see that changing.

Chargers vs Chiefs-W (24-21)

We usually play the Chargers tough at Arrowhead, and LT doesn't do too hot here. I think we have what it takes, especially if they already have the division.

Dolphins vs Chiefs-W (17-10)

I really don't know how good the Dolphins will be. Parcells has a knack for making teams VERY good in just one off-season! If the Dolphins play like they did against us in pre-season, we have very little chance, but I don't think that'll be the case.

Chiefs vs Bengals-W (35-24)

They still have no defense, and it should be an even easier win than last season. Not to mention, I'm sure some drama will be distracting them greatly for this game.


Well, how about that, we could go 9-7? It's possible if everything goes well. Of course, there are a lot of "borderline" games, but it should be interesting. I really think a lot of this hinges on our young corners and D-line, as well as the O-line. Many of you know that I was predicting MUCH worse, but I've lightened up a bit after that performance against the Rams.

Our running game looks very good, and our defense looks good in all facets, thus far. The question is, how will Croyle do when he's forced to win us a game? Can he throw the ball down the field and make some big completions? If he can, we could be in the playoffs.

Anywho, take the predictions for what they're worth and post your own! Would love to see what everyone thinks about the schedule!