Per PFT:

1. OC Rob Smith
2. OG Travis Leffew
3. OG Edwin Harrison
4. OT Anthony Alabi
5. TE Michael Allan (sorry to see him go)
6. TE Michael Merritt (PUP)
7. WR Kevin McMahan
8. WR Sergio Joachim
9. WR Jabari Arthur
10. DE Jason Parker
11. DE Johnny Dingle
12. DT Derek Lokey (sorry to see him go too)
13. LB EJ Kuale
14. LB Steve Octavien
15. CB Rashad Barksdale
16. S Khayyam Burns
17. PK Connor Barth

Overall, these cuts were the no-brainers for the Chiefs.
The roster stands at 58 and they need to cut 5 more to make the 53 man limit.