Yes, I saw some good things in the game but overall? I think it was a ALMOST total disaster. When LJ got the call, it was entirely up the middle. When Charles got the call, he bounced it outside. I think they are entirely designed plays for each RB. Also, yes the D held their own for the most part but, there were way too many holes that were picked apart. The offense couldnt even capitalize on the turnovers which is what kiled us in the end. If we woulda got atleast field goals then we woulda just needed a FG at the end of the game. Then with that? We have D Bowe and TG that can jump and snatch a ball over a defender! Why would we keep running Bowe to the corner of the end zone where the defender can use that to help his defense? I think we woulda been better off throwing another high pass as they did when we got the touchdown. Although, I did see some things that will be a factor to learn on and it mainly was the younger defensive players showing some signs of life. Also I liked what I saw outta Charles to a point, he has alot of upside as they say. Although I dont like seeing BJ Sams back returning kicks or punts. Thats a wasted spot if you ask me since we kept a extra running back in Savage.