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    Well, these boys surprised me today. Did we win? No, but did we get blown out? Absolutely not! Yes, our offense was frustrating to watch, as usual. I hate this conservative play-calling, but I know Herm didn't want to turn it over at all costs.

    Our defense looked like it was on a mission to stop the Pats on every turn, and they did a pretty good job of it. The coverage was fantastic, with the exception of a couple of plays where we were thinking run. Our run-D needs work, but it didn't look awful. Yes, Brady didn't play for most of the game, but even if he did, it would've been tough on him.

    You guys saw the series where he was in, right? He was extremely conservative, probably because of our coverage. That's a testament to our secondary. Now on to the offense.

    Croyle looked ok, besides the injury, Huard wasn't awful, but could've been better. TG looked like TG, and Charles is gonna be a nightmare on 3rd down for many teams, but I was extremely disappointed in Bowe and LJ. LJ DID have holes to run through, he just didn't hit them like he usually does, whereas Charles did. I think he's lost some of his instinct, and he needs a lot of work to get it back.

    As for Bowe, just no excuse. No excuse AT ALL for dropping the passes that he did. He proved himself as a top WR last season, and a dependable one at that, but if he keeps dropping passes with no one around, or in the end-zone like he did, we could have SERIOUS problems on offense. I really hope it was just first game jitters, and that he's back next week. I will say his TD catch was nice.

    Overall, I was impressed with the way the Chiefs played, but now I just hope our offense can show us some more for the home opener! Oh yeah, DARLING FIANLLY DID SOMETHING!!!

    Forgot something else! CHARGERS LOST ON A LAST SECOND TD PASS TO THE PANTHERS!!! That makes me feel MUCH better!
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