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Damon will start for the upcoming weeks because Herm mentioned that Damon is going to start.What in the hell can Thigpen do under center that Damon can't do?All Damon needs is time in the pocket.Our o-line needs to do a better job of blocking and Damons intention needs to be more focused on the right side of the o-line because B-dub and Albert have completely sealed down the other side while Niswanger is showing flashes of being a very dominate center.How are we not going to go with Damon when he almost won the game for us at the very end in a very clutch situation while facing the defending AFC Super Bowl champs.Damon lives for clutch situations.
Thigpen can run with the ball. The offensive line still sucks. It'd be a plus to have a guy who, when under pressure, can advance the ball downfield on his feet rather than have to throw the ball away and waste a down or take the sack.

Besides, we all know this isn't a Super Bowl bound team or likely even a viable playoff contender... so how about getting a young quarterback some repetitions just in case Croyle isn't "the guy" after all? Huard's fine, but he's getting long in the tooth. He's never going to win this team a championship before he retires. Sorry.