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I like Huards vision regardless of his Athletic ability. Hes sees open men when they are open , he grips it and rips it. Croyle was spending so much time trying not to make any mistakes like he did last season when instead of throwing the ball away he threw interceptions. noww hes holding it and looking for an open check down guys. We need a guy with the balls to take a chance and Huard fits that bill with his experience. I am not saying he should be our starter , but we are lucky to have him right now ! Quinn Gray maybe would have been better than the no-name guy we picked up. He is a beast in size, very very fast and has a great arm. and HE WOULD HAVE GONE CHEAP which seems to be what we are looking for.I really wish we could lure Brady Quinn away from clevland with a promise of a starting position . If not this year , next year. We have extra money right?
I hear you, and all of you Chief Crowd Members, about Damion, butt damm, we need a QB that can move!!!! Not a drop back passer, we have not yet proved that we can protect a drop back passer, so, to win!!!!, which is very much I want, we need to change it up, we need QB that can run, and make something out of a blown play, or scramble out of a pass rush! If we are rebuilding anyway, start Thig, lets see what he can do, we know what Damion can do, but I just do not see how he could last for long. Look at last year, before Croyle took over, Damion was beaten down, you could see it everytime he got up after being sacked! He can not escape the rush.