Okay, I've seen at least 5-6 people propose trading LJ and going with Smith/Charles as the RBBC over the past couple weeks. Although the theory may be nice considring the team is rebuilding and that LJ is being paid a lot for a guy who is unable to do much without an O-line...I am just a bit confused as to where he'd go?

Name 1 team that fits all the needed characteristics to trade for him

1) Salary cap space
2) Young players/draft picks Chiefs would want
3) Need a running back to become a playoff/championship contender

Okay, there are plenty of teams with the salary cap space, but very few that are a running back away from contention.

The only team I can think of at all is Houston, and with Kubiak there (being from the Shanahan school of coaching) I doubt he'd pay much for a running back

Other teams that are close but don't fit are: Cincy (no O-line), Seattle (just invested in Julius Jones), and Detroit (invested in Kevin Smith & Rudi Johnson for this season).

Pretty much every other team is set and invested in a suitable RB, or they have other issues that are more pressing.