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Thread: Hey Idiots! Yeah YOU! Sit down and Shut up about you stupid Quarterbacks!!!!

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    Default Hey Idiots! Yeah YOU! Sit down and Shut up about you stupid Quarterbacks!!!!

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    Boo hoo. Why cant Carl get a name brand QB? Why didnt we sign a veteran QB? Are you guys smoking crack with Tamaric Vanover? We already have a veteran QB that knows our system better than any other veteran QB is gonna be able to learn right away. Thats right! The same guy who almost won us the game last week against no other than the New England Patriots! The same guy who led us to the playoffs when Trent Greens pumpkin bounced off the turf in 2006. The same guy who always comes in when our guy goes down and leads us down the field without throwing picks. Last year being the exception and you know why. A VETERAN? WHO? ITS WEEK 2! Even the other teams that you heard were bringin in veteran QB's in the middle of the season, arent starting them!!!! We got our guy!
    Second of all, Who the hell is the name brand QB out thier right now! Chris Simms? He's as name brand as that huge bag of GOLDEN FLAKES at your nearest grocery store. How about the fact that Herm just said yesterday, that Thigpen is gonna get some playing time in the next couple of games. Thigpen is in a "show us what you can do" period right now, hes gonna get a shot. To top it all off, Croyle will be back in 2-3 games. With all of that, you guys wanna sign a veteran QB in the middle of the season! Have you not been paying attention to the past 6 months when the Chiefs have been saying over and over again that they are trying to build threw youth!!!! RE-BUILD! Thats why they bring in a young mobile kid from Tennessee that can throw the ball. Is he gonna play next week? NO. Would Chris Simms play next week? NO. Not to mention that they liked this kid already and if they didnt sign him THIS WEEK The Titans were locking him up for the rest of the season because they just lost Vince Young! (deep breath) OK now for the Carl Peterson stuff. Do we not have coaches that look at players. Do we not have scouts? You guys sound like a bunch of Jason Whitlock Cult followers! Im not a huge Peterson fan either but geeze louise, shut up already! If it was up to Carl exclusively, than this whole rebuilding project would have never happened because hes been plugging veterans into this squad since 1988 fellas! The Hunts are on board for this one and there not living stagnant any longer!!!!

    REMEMBER I SAID THIS: Carl will be gone before Herm is. This is not a package deal like so many of you think it is. Ive already heard about the Hunts Endorsing Herm's ideas while stepping on the toes of Carl.

    This article obviously isnt pointed towards all of you. But you know who you guys are.
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