"You play to"...... see how your 3rd stringer looks, I guess. At the end of the third quarter they announce that Huard got knicked up in the first quarter. Thats why he didnt go back in. BULL S H I T! Play him until you have to put Thigpen in! Brodie had his sling off by Wednesday and is only gonna miss 1 more week. LETS ATLEAST GET A WIN UNTIL THEN! I thought that "You play to win the game" Herm? Other than a 3 minute stretch in the 4th quarter, Thigpen could not have been worse. All you fans who wanted to see Thigpen. there you go! On the same note, Im sure you were done seeing him around the same time that I was. You know when you find out about a guy like Thigpen? Ill tell ya! 1:00 left in the half and you're up by ten. Maybe even half of the 4th quarter when you have a 2 or 3 score lead. Not in the home opener, which happens to be a division game, and your 0-1 already. Bottomline: Chiefs are a disaster right now. I hope it turns around.

Also: why do we not run any draws, counters, sweeps, or pitches with Larry? He only got one pitch today and it was a between the tackle play, but was still his biggest run.