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It's always quite funny when Chief fans fight ha-ha, it's a lose lose situation, whoever wins the fight YOUR STILL A LOSER!!

You guys wont beat the Falcons, hell, you guys might not even win a da,n game this year. Your team is terrible, where was that noisy arrowhead stadium?

It was as empty as hell. empty seats everywhere. This is not the arrowhead stadium that I know of, usually that place is packed. But this time around, I think Chief fans finally wised up and realized that their team is the worst in the league and wont bother to show up for any more games.

Some may call me a troll, Im just tellin' it like it is.

Stop embrassing the afc west. get better or get the hell out of my division.

EDIT: LOL! I just thought about this. The state of Missouri has two of the worst football teams in america LMFAOROFL!!!

THE Missouri Tigers would beat the hell out of the Chiefs or the Rams LOL!

How sad.

Gelnn dorsey is the worst player on your defensive line lol. he will be a gigantic bust.

Have fun not getting a win for the next 2+ months. Buffalo and the Chargers are gonna steamroll you. Owned? LULULULZZ!!!!!! Btw, your owner should be in a retirement home.