Sorry to regret that I will not be able to respond to all the posts since yesterday afternoon! Yes, I know you all are upset about this!

I had to go to sleep after spending all day in the hospital with my Grandfather. Yes, hes going to be fine so far.

So now I just will let my thoughts be known now from what I saw on lowlights.

Ok, I was yelling about Thigpen to start if we are rebuilding. he showed me that he couldnt handle the pressure and, as of now, he cant make the right decision.

And WTF was the deal to run a 3 QB system? Not only that but, to take a WR off practice squad and make him a QB? Just so he can MAYBE catch the ball (maybe not since hes on the practice squad) it does not make him a QB, but it does make Herm a joke here in KC!

From what I saw on the news is that this team is a loss! Its a team that has no direction! McIntosh has lost whatever he had, the running game is a role playing game, and the QB's (whichever it is) cant make a throw or a decision to save his life!

I am from now on going to not have any hope for any 500 season! Yes, I know any team can beat another on any Sunday in the NFL! Though after yesterdays highlights I have no trust in the Chiefs this year! I loved the optimistic idea coming outta the Pats game but thats outta window now!

I know im going to p!$$ some people off but I am a diehard fan but im realistic! Lets call it how it is!