The last two weeks the Chiefs have seen nothing but 8 to 9 guys in the box at all times. NORMALLY this is an easy audible and first down for a good quarterback. But for the Chiefs it means nothing other than: A= The incompetent quarterback gets sacked or B= One of our runningbacks get killed. Other than Damion Mcintosh, the Offensive line hasnt been horrible. I remember when defenses used to line up like that to stop Priest. Trent Green had an answer every time. We ran when the defense was back and we passed when they came to the line. We cannot do that right now with Thigpen or Damon. Maybe Brodie will be able to, but until we can pass, LJ or anybody else will not go anywhere! Im not the guy who says that we should of called this or called that, because I know that I run an automotive shop and they coach football games. BUT I have to ask, why dont we come out passing. Or ever pass on 1st down. Or ever run on 3rd down. To me its impossible to question the ability of LJ until this problem is fixed. Some of you guys always talk about how he jogs around or doesnt hit the hole. You guys know that thats how hes always looked behind the line! Hes always had those goofy long strides as hes lookin where to go and when he gets in space, he turns on the burners. I watched alot of highlight reels on youtube and compared them to some of this years runs on the game recap section on Thier is no difference in his behind the line running! The only difference is that before he would have these gaping holes to run through or he would end up burning the defense on a counter. Where the hell is T. Rich by the way! Anyway after lookin at some stuff I just wanted to point that out. GO CHIEFS!