hi every new to the forum, but i need to vent. Read a couple of the threads i agree with the guy who said Herm Edwards is the worst coach he had ever seen. If the jets were able to go to the playoffs with this man they probably should have been a dynasty. herm must sit on the sidlines and scheme up ways to embarass our team every week. how do we go from one of the best offenses in the nfl to one of the worst in the nfl in one year. our offensive line which used to be one of the best in the nfl has either retired or have moved on to other teams and he did nothing to replace them with anyone worth a darn. his run,run,pass,punt offensive game plan is so embarrasing im gonna have to take my big KC sticker off of my truck soon. before he got there we didn't lose to the raiders for years now we have lost 2 years in a row and both at home! Herm should not be even allowed to coach a pop warner team. we can't afford to keep him even one more game, with our luck he'll trade l.J, Gonzo, and bowe for a couple 4th round draft picks and call it a "rebuilding phase." No one should defend him as a coach he is dispicable. if Karl peterson and herm edwards want to destroy a team together they should go buy the new madden and start a franchise on their but leave our team now while we really can rebuild still.