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    RAND: "Pretty good" isn't good enough for Edwards

    May 31, 2007, 3:52:39 AM by Jonathan Rand - FAQ

    It’s a picture that Chiefs coach Herm Edwards hopes will be worth several thousand words.
    It hangs in the Chiefs’ indoor practice facility in a spot that every player passes as he walks off the field. The large photo sits inside a bright red frame that looks as if it should house a fire extinguisher. But this display is meant to light a fire, not put one out.
    The photo shows the Colts celebrating in the end zone during last season’s playoff game at Indianapolis. The caption reads: “Remember Our Last Game? AFC Wild Card Game. Colts 23 Chiefs 8. It’s Time to Go to Work!”...

    Looks as if Herm is trying to jolt some pride and establish his reign.
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