To re-iterate the rule regarding personal attacks; this includes juvenile name calling and derogatory personal comments. Also, the rules are clear regarding the “F” bomb and “GD” this also applies to misspellings and character substation (i.e. “<” ) in order to subvert the filter. However, without negating said rules, members need not feel as if they have to walk on egg shells either and that over sensitivity breeds offense in most all things. Since it is impossible for the Board Mods to catch everything; there is a very simple two step solution.

First: All members should treat fellow members how they themselves would like to be treated. Most of us are adults here, let’s all take measures to treat one another respectfully.

Second: There is a well known feature here we call the “Ignore” feature it works quite effectively. In a BB community that has grown into what we know as the Chiefs Crowd personality conflicts are inevitable. Implementation of the Ignore feature is the best solution to this problem.

Thanks for your time and cooperation.