Hey First post here, I saw rumors that Tony G would have no problem being moved to a contender. My first reaction was negative as I'd like the see him finish his career as a chief.

But then I got to thinking, it would be be nice to give Tony a chance at a ring, plus we are definitely in rebuilding mode. Maybe adding another draft pick and the flexibility it brings is the best long run decision for this franchise.The only negatives I see is that it basically tells Larry Johnson we are not trying to win this year and next year. And we also lose on some solid veteran leadership for are young guys on Offense Bowe, Jamaal Charels, Brandon Albert, Croyle.

Would you guys consider trading Gonzales? what would we have to get back in return? I was thinking a 2nd rd pick, that was what it cost the Bolts to pick up Chris Chambers from Miami lastyear at the deadline or maybe a 3rd and 5th round pick.