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    so who would you give the game ball to vs. denver....Johnson? Defense? O-Line?...i would give the game ball to the team as a whole...everyone did their part and got it done..finally got first quarter points and finally finished out a plenty of turnovers..stopped the running game and the offense MOVED THE BALL!

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    How can you possibly abuse it? Start a thread...if it sukcs, it dies. Take a deeeeep drink a beer, light a fat joint and relax my friend. If no one started thread I would be posting sh!t about beer non stop. If you don't like a thread, send me a pm and then I will return one to you telling you how I don't care if you like it or not!!
    Unfortunately, Can't light one until I retire! Too many piss tests. Damn job. Oh well, I do have beer!

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