This is the Artist Formerly Known As 'KCONTHEBRAIN' at the Chiefs Coalition.

I am pleased to see that there exists another hard-core outlet for Die-Hard CHIEEEEEFS Fans, Baby!!!
I currently live in Arizona, but I lived in KCMO proper for 20 years. DT made me a hard-core fan, and it's been a sometimes frustrating( like today )love-affair ever since!

I am also an MU fan( take THAT, Huskers! ), and enjoy friendly, "player-hater" shenanigans with those who follow the Beak-Squad, and their super-sexy Head Coach; Pasta The Hutt.
I've also been a musician since age 10, and I've just recently, over the last year, begun working with digital graphics to make sigs and such, as well as my super-secret modernization project for the look our Beloved Chiefs. I am in NO way associated with One Arrowhead Drive, so please don't flame me with posts about how much you love Ketchup and Mustard Gold; it's nothing Official, just a hobby of mine. And frankly, after almost a year; it's starting to look pretty damned sweet!
Anywho, I look forward to getting to know everybody!