Before this game, I thought I had a pretty good bead on what was happening at One Arrowhead Drive. I thought the games leading up to Denver were a combination of Brodie's injury holding back true evaluation of what each guy could and could not do, and not enough real-time, "team-time" together.

I thought Herm and Chan were coaxing these guys along slowly, making sure they had mastered the basics before really opening up the Playbook.

I was wrong.

My hands are firmly thrown up in the air; I couldn't even begin to give you an inkling of an idea as to what the hell we are doing. I know we have talent, and I know we can play. What I don't know is why we can not play well consistently.

Somethin' ain't right in River City...

By the way, I'm new here so "Hey" to all of my fellow fans.