Thanks! It's hard to come to a new place after so long; everybody is kind of used to your personality and the things that make you uniquely you.

And now I gotta' start all over again. Plus, you miss those one or two people that you're really tight with( though I will keep in touch with them ). And, I like having at least one, but hopefully many old, old school fans from the AFL days to bring the historical perspective to today's era.

They've got a pretty good board over there, but there are a couple of non-fan trolls who are tight with at least one or two of the mods. They're allowed to talk smack about the Chiefs AND to belittle the fans, but if you're a better player-hater than them and you put them in their place; they run to the mods and cry "foul".
And you, the Chiefs Fan, get the "time out".

No thanks; I'll go elsewhere. Just bear with me a while, I'll figure out just how I fit in here.

Thanks again!