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You talk as if you like this Daniels kid, but then you seem to wish him injured.

What gives?

If you like the kid, why not have him go to a team that has some kind of concern for his well-being?

As for crying for O-line since you became a fan... I thought you said you knew about DT. What fools were wanting replacements for Roaf, Shields, Tait, Weigmann and Waters? Or the Alt, Szott, Grunhard, Shields group for that matter?

I have seen some pretty good o-lines here, myself. I would be thrilled to upgrade our current o-line to below-average.
I never said that I personally cried about the O-Line.
Wow! Derrick Thomas played O-Line too!?!!?
Damn, I guess I just wasn't paying close enough attention to the tv.
If by "injured" you mean drafting Daniels to a Chiefs Team with "No Protection Whatsoever Up-Front", then I say this:

Great players make great things happen. Grbac had the EXACT same O-line as Gannon. But unlike your average, and highly annoying "Pocket Squatter", Rich had the skills to read, move, and work.


Read, Move, and Work; That's Right!
Read, Move, and Work; Oh Yeah!
Read, Move, and Work; It's ya' Birth-day!
Read, Move, and Work; Get Down!