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I agree Darth,

thats why we do this

First round: Tackle
Second round: Maclin
Third round: OG
Fourth round: Chase

then pay Peppers what he wants to join us.

Then we have our OL, QB, Weapons for QB (mac/Bowe), and the pass rusher in Peppers that will make the entire D better. OH and since we have a OL now LJ will get back to Running like a train
Who is Maclin? I don't follow MU, but the Maclin I have watched play form MU won't be around for the 2nd round, assuming if he goes out for the draft.

I would have to think he is easily a top 3 receiver in the draft. I don't know if it is MU fans, but someone is saying he could be a candidate for the Heisman. If that is true, he is definately gone 1st round.