Probably not. Sense and logic go hand-in-hand. And how can sense be made with the absence of logic?

In a league where Matt Millen, Scott Linehan, and Lane Kiffin have all been fired before the season's mid-way point, I just can't understand how there is no buzz about Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards even being on thin ice. No statements from Clark or the Hunt family. No unrest from within the organization. No frustrated players venting to the media. Hell, even LJ isn't whining any more after only getting seven carries in the "game" against Carolina last Sunday! In fact, the only outcry that can be heard against the Chiefs' poor performance and mismanagement has originated from the same source for over a decade-- the fans.

My greatest fear about this team is now being realized. It seems that these young players may be emotionally jumping ship on the 2008 Chiefs. After the kind of effort put forth against the Panthers last week, I want to hear about guys chucking helmets across the locker room and losing it a little bit. At least that shows they care enough to improve-- it shows intensity. The worst, and I mean worst, thing that can happen to the players on this young roster is for them to become complacent with under-performing like they did on Sunday. When rebuilding anything, from a football team to a farmhouse, a solid foundation is required. How well will this rebuilt roster be in future seasons when they have to first overcome the stigma of being a 'bad team'? How long will that take? So far, what has been built more represents a bed of quicksand than a solid foundation. Are we going to have to subject ourselves to even more years of 'rebuilding' to replace what has already been 'built'?

And how much can the fans endure? How thin will our patience stretch? How much and how loud can we scream in unison for the same thing until we all realize that nobody is listening? Don't get all bent out of shape talking about "true fans", "bandwagoners", "fair-weather fans", etc. That's not what this thread is about. Take it to the nay-sayers thread or somewhere else. There are many people who's support for the team will not waver-- even the fans who are largely critical and doubtful (they have a reason to be). But how long can we futilely scream ourselves hoarse at the deaf ears of Clark Hunt and this organization, given their refusal to listen to the fans of the franchise? Individually, at what point do you consider yourself at least marginally insane for constantly repeating yourself while maintaining the same result? How many times can you bang your head against the wall until one breaks?

I'll always keep watching the Chiefs play, hoping for the best and I've been one to get down in the mouth toward 'negative' fans in the past. Now though, I am beginning to give some of those people a pass. It's getting to the point where some of us will try anything-- even boycotting tickets and merchandise from the team they have loved for decades. The internet and Chiefs' nation is saturated with fans who have been calling for the termination of Carl Peterson for years to no avail. It hasn't been working. I don't blame people for trying something else. Besides, I'm sure some of those people need to take a break and a few aspirin while they're at it. For some of us, reconstuctive surgery may even be in order as this wall has proved especially stubborn to bring down.