I think the one thing we've all lost sight of in TG wanting to be traded, is that a franchise player who wanted nothing more than to be a career Chief, isn't buying into the "rebuild. He obviously has little or no faith in Herm or he'd be sticking around. This should be a very glaring problem to us fans and I'm sure his teammates are feeling the same way.

Gonzalez trade possible, but compensation an issue


The Kansas City Star

This year, the Chiefs prepared for the eventuality of replacing Tony Gonzalez by spending one of their three third-round draft picks on Tennessee tight end Brad Cottam.

That day could come sooner than they thought, as Gonzalez has asked the Chiefs to explore trade possibilities, and the team has fielded calls about his availability.

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, and the Chiefs appeared pessimistic they could reach a deal for Gonzalez by then. The New York Giants have been the most interested in making a trade, but the sides were far apart on the compensation.

The Chiefs were asking for a third-round pick, and the Giants offered a sixth-rounder.

Green Bay, Philadelphia and Buffalo are other teams to express an interest in Gonzalez.

The Chiefs didn’t have a ready replacement for defensive end Jared Allen in April when they traded the reigning NFL sack leader to Minnesota. They moved Tamba Hali into Allen’s spot at right end, and he’s without a sack through five games.

While Cottam was drafted to eventually replace Gonzalez, he won’t provide what the veteran tight end has. Cottam has played more in the past couple of games in a two-tight end formation, a sign the Chiefs are getting more comfortable with him in their lineup. But Cottam hasn’t caught a pass and is used mostly as a blocker.

The Chiefs wouldn’t necessarily suffer without Gonzalez when they run. They would in the passing game. Gonzalez is the all-time leader among tight ends in receptions, yards and touchdowns.

Cottam doesn’t have Gonzalez’s ability to use his body to shield defenders or his skill in going up to snag a pass. He also doesn’t have Gonzalez’s knack for finding seams in zone coverage and wouldn’t be as difficult for defenses to cover when the Chiefs are near the opponent’s end zone.

He does run faster than Gonzalez, so Cottam brings the possibility of more big passing plays down the field.

The Chiefs this year drafted another tight end, Central Florida’s Mike Merritt, in the seventh round. Merritt has been on an injured list all season but could get activated in the coming weeks.

The Chiefs hope to develop Merritt into a blocking tight end much like they used to have with Jason Dunn.