We've all done it; analyzed a Player, Coach, GM or Team based on genuine evidence minus the Homerism. We stood proudly and strongly behind our theory, self-assured that we we're 100% right.
And then, reality get's a different idea and we fall flat on our faces. We are confused and embarrassed by our lack of prognostication prowess, and we KNOW that someone is going to bring our failure back to light for all to see.

Thus, I am instituting The Official Chiefs Crowd Retraction Thread in an effort to let all Forum Members retain their Dignity when predictions go wrong.
The Retraction Thread is your Companion, Comforter, and Confessor in these most troubled of times in Chiefs History.
Simply re-post your initial commentary followed by your Sincere Retraction, and All Will Be Forgiven AND Forgotten.

Since I am the creator of this thread, I will go first.
I wrote these observations after the Denver game at my old forum, and as you will see; I tanked it Big Time.