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Thread: gonzo is staying

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    Default gonzo is staying

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    well the trade deadline has came and gone and tony is not going anywhere the big news of the day was roy williams to dallas (who cares)but for tony i kind of feel bad he wanted it pretty bad and carl denied

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    Come on guys! Lighten-up. You are both tools, and we all know that. Why bother pointing it out?

    If someone hurls a personal attack at you, you can A.)Ignore it. B.) Report it. C.) Make an even bigger mess of things by flinging more poo back and waiting to receive your next insult.

    Now, we have s*** all over the place. Who's gonna clean this mess up?

    You are both drunk, and hundreds of miles away from each other. Just go outside and find some Bills/Cardinals fans to fight with, and get it all out.

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