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What pisses me off is that we were offered a 3rd pick and CP turned it down.

CP should have enuf respect to grant TG wishes let hime go to a contender for a 3rd.
You know what? I'm gonna' say this:

Herm and Carl are good at ONE THING. It is their "Wonder Twin Powers"; working a draft. I'll gladly suffer through all of this other nonsense if I can get a repeat of the 2008 draft.
Ideally, they get to work the draft and then once the contracts are signed, Clark will burst through the door, SWAT team in tow, and show them the door( hey, I said ideally! ).
Realistically, you're gettin' one more year of this. Canada and I have been around the bend on this and we've both accepted our fate.
Great New Players, same ol' same ol' in the office, and PRAY for a 500 season to keep our young and future stars motivated and interested in STAYING Chiefs!