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This wasn't about the suit filed against him. He missed a meeting over the off week. I love that they're suspending his ***!!! With the youngest team in the league, these young players need to know that not even "SUPER STARS" can get away with this B.S.
It is all about accountabilty. LJ can't be allowed to think he is untouchable and I think it is a good example for the other players. No one player is "special" because it is all about the team. LJ has to follow rules.

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So penalize him and bench him when were NOT playing the only undefeated team......Dam you Herm!!!!
What makes you think that LJ would of been able to move an inch against the Titans' defense? Like I said, its all about the team. The chiefs are not about any one player although Tony G.'s record-breaking is shining now.