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The Packers had drawn up paperwork for a Tony Gonzalez trade
Aaron Rodgers was apparently very close to getting a new weapon even more lethal than his erotic dance moves: Tony Gonzalez. That's the word from Jason Wilde in the Wisconsin State Journal.
According to two NFL sources familiar with the negotiations, the Packers had drawn up the trade paperwork and sent it to the Chiefs to finalize the deal a third-round pick for Gonzalez only to have the Chiefs call them 10 minutes before the deadline to say it would take a second-round pick to get the deal done.
The Chiefs ended up keeping Gonzalez, who is now angry a deal didn't get done.
If that story's true, Chiefs GM Carl Peterson did Tony Gonzalez dirty. Gonzalez isn't happy about it, either, and while he says he'll continue to work hard for the Chiefs, he's lost all love for Peterson. From the Kansas City Star:
Im not the first guy thats felt like hes been wronged around here. Ask Jared Allen. Ask a lot of guys. Ask John Tait, Gonzalez said. Thats what happens.
He wasnt sorry, Gonzalez said [of a voicemail that Peterson left for him]. Its a sour taste. But at the same time, its business. I dont think Carl was out there going: You know what? Im going to screw Tony on this one. This is what Im trying to do. I dont know what reasons there were. Maybe Ill sit down and talk to him about it, and maybe I wont.
But Im not going to forget about it.
I've made my feelings known on the subject before. I feel like if Gonzalez wants to pay for a Super Bowl, and the Chiefs don't even aspire to play for a Super Bowl for at least a couple of years, then the right thing to do is to move him. And it appears that they had every opportunity to do so, for a very fair price, and instead opted to let Gonzalez wallow in 4-12 land.
You should feel shame, Carl Peterson. If you won't do the right thing for Tony Gonzalez, who's been Mr. Chief for the last decade, then what's that say to the rest of the players on your roster?,115374