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Thread: a list of 2009 free agent o-lineman

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    Default a list of 2009 free agent o-lineman

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    2009 NFL Free Agent Offensive Linemen

    By: Greg Davis
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    Matt Birk, UFA, Minnesota Vikings
    Birk is a Pro Bowl center who has gotten the job done for the Vikings for nearly the last decade. Heís fairly athletic for a lineman and is playing alongside another great lineman, guard Steve Hutchinson, making Birkís life even easier on the field. Heís grounded in Minnesota, so the chances of him choosing to leave seem slim at the moment. However, Minnesota is grooming John Sullivan in hopes that he will eventually replace Birk.
    Marc Colombo, UFA, Dallas Cowboys
    Although he was injury prone early in his career, Colombo has become a solid tackle in Dallas. He allowed just a single sack in his first go round with the Cowboys and he has since been a big reason for the success of the running game and the protection afforded to Tony Romo. At 29, teamís will consider the fact that he probably has several seasons left in him.
    Mike Goff, UFA, San Diego Chargers
    Goffís four-year deal will be up after the í08 season and while the Chargers would probably prefer to keep him, the franchise has been effective in drafting and developing linemen and might look for Goffís replacement at a better price. Goff has been a leader who simply goes about his business and players like running back Ladainian Tomlinson have benefited from his level of play. Goff has played for a quality line for some time and heís part of the reason.
    Jordan Gross, UFA, Carolina Panthers
    A first round pick in 2003, Gross earned a starting role in his rookie season and held that role as a tackle for the entire season. His ability to step in and play well right away paid off for the Panthers, as the team put together a run to an NFC Championship. Heís continued being a starter since that rookie season and is a solid player. Carolina slapped the franchise tag on him for this season, and chances are he will be another team come í09.
    Mark Tauscher, UFA, Green Bay Packers
    Tauscher is a seventh round pick that became a success story. In his first season in the NFL, he was forced into a starting role because of an injury to another player. Tauscher isnít an elite player, but he is solid in his role as a starter and hasnít missed a game since 2002. Tauscher could be at the top of many teamís lists because he could come cheaper than some of the other free agent lineman, but could be nearly or equally effective.

    Other Offensive Lineman
    Stacy Andrews, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
    Jordan Black, UFA, Houston Texans
    Vernon Carey, UFA, Miami Dolphins
    George Foster, UFA, Detroit Lions
    Chris Gray, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Pete Kendall, UFA, Washington Redskins
    Seth McKinney, UFA, Cleveland Browns
    Jon Runyan, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
    Tra Thomas, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
    Fred Weary, UFA, Houston Texans
    John Welbourn, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sn@keIze View Post
    how bout

    GM, HC, DC, OC.
    That should be before the week is over. But yes. We should start with those replacements.

    And rep added.

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