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I'm not positive what you are looking for, but if you go to 'User CP' and look on the left-hand side for 'Edit Options' then, in the third section of that page, titled 'Thread Display Options' you will find 'Thread Display mode'.

There, you can select 'oldest first', or 'newest first'.

I think that will help you out.
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When you see a post that you want to quote, next to the 'quote' icon is a '+muli-q' icon.

Click that on as many as you choose to quote, then just use the 'quote' icon for the final one, or go unedr the last post of the thread, and look for 'Post Reply'.
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How do I reply to more than one point that were made in different post by different people in ONE post of my own?
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How do I get the posts to read top to bottom? I hate having to go to page 2-3-4 in order to get to the initial post.

Grrr...I'm cranky!
re-ordered as well if need be...