Source: Paul Schwartz, New York Post

Giants ownership is not demanding a kinder and gentler Tom Coughlin, but it stipulates a more reasonable Tom Coughlin. The man in charge does not have to be revered, but the acrimony leveled at Coughlin down the stretch of last season did no one any good. The perception of Coughlin was as a beleaguered captain at the helm of a ship gone adrift, complete with the requisite mutinous crew. Coughlin enters his fourth season in New York with the gangplank waiting to be unfurled for that tortured walk into coaching banishment. Can he fend off what many believe is an inevitable conclusion? “I think there’s no question I can improve,” Coughlin admitted to The Post recently about his personal relations. “I’m going to try to be more patient, I’m going to try to be someone who understands again the jobs and responsibilities of those around me.”