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Thread: Sounds like we have a new QB !

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    Alright Genius; you got it:

    No excuses here today, let's get right in. In fact, I say let's throw every excuse right out the window.

    Since we're talking QB's and pass protection, how does "opening up holes" factor in to this? I never said the line was great at opening holes. But to say the team is incapable of "addressing the O-Line properly" is a no-win debate with you. Should we have gone to the 08 draft and used every Ace Card to acquire Offensive Linemen? And if we had, would you now be 100% satisfied because of it?
    No, no you wouldn't. You and a thousand other people would be moaning and groaning about the vast amounts of swiss cheese in the defense and special teams.
    The key factor being Swiss Cheese; IT WAS EVERYWHERE. We had to spread the acquisition around, and I think "Dumb and Dumber" did a pretty fly job of making it happen.
    If we're going to complain about the "lack of push/lack of domination" on Our Lines, let's complain about 31 million dollars that could have been used to address this.
    But to the matter at hand, the average "safety time before getting sacked/having to scramble" in the pocket is 2.5 to three seconds. You're going to tell me that our line can't manage THAT?!
    Or, is it the receivers? Orrrrrr......
    Is it this franchise's Ultra Uber-Long History of being either to cheap to pull the trigger, or too stupid to evaluate talent at the position?

    Survey SAYS!???:
    "Door number two please"...
    If Quinn Gray turns out to be a flop, it won't suprise me one bit.
    If he turns out to be an Uber-Stud; you can bet your a** it was pure happenstance.

    I've seen this scenario before. Two Chiefs Quarterbacks, one O-Line.
    QB number 1 struggles for wins at the beginning of the season and eventually ends up on the bench with an injury.
    QB number 2 steps in, lights a fire under everyone's a**, and steers his team to 1st-round, home field advantage in the Playoffs.


    They Both Had The SAME...LINE.

    Soldier UP, or get to steppin'.
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