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Thread: Herm coaches Chiefs to another loss.

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    Default Herm coaches Chiefs to another loss.

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    5 minutes left in the game. A couple first downs away from a guaranteed win or just 1 first down away from making it very difficult to lose. What do we do? Play action bootleg which worked great all day. NO. A quick sideline pass on 2nd or 3rd down for 4 yards like we had been getting all day. NO. Maybe we should come out in a passing formation and run or a running formation and pass. NO. How about run to the left 3 times and punt it. Thats what Herm / Chan did. Thats why we lost. We gave BRETT FAVRE a football with 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter of a football game. Herm should know what happens when those events occur. He coached in Tampa for years, played against Brett a few times. Oh, how could I forget. This happened last year didnt it? Against Brett, right?
    In the post game press conference Herm Edwards (like usual) took all the blame off of himself, saying: We thought we could run the ball at that time and Kolby slipped on 3rd down or he would have got it. My bad Herm. I forgot. Its all Kolbys fault. HOLD ON. Did you say "I thought we could run the ball," because last time I checked, we couldnt run all day. JC had one good run and other than that the running game was nothing. Herm continued to say that If DJ didnt drop that pick in the red zone that this was a much different ball game. How bout this you spineless b.asterd. If we would of went for it on one of the four, 4th and 1's, it could have been a different game. Herm Edwards is spineless, scared, content and arrogant and when you mix that all up with bad clock management, you become a giant peice of worthless crap.
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