After listening to Mitch's post-game breakdown, it's pretty obvious to see what happened with this game.

If you lose your 3 best defenders, and you're playing a team that lives for "airing it out", then don't be too surprised if they come from behind to get the win.

And let's address winning for a moment. I came in to this season expecting only ONE THING; to see improvement, and to get a clear picture regarding who can perform and who can't.
And with each passing game, that picture becomes clearer. We should have a VERY good idea by the end of this season who can stay and who needs to go.
And unless Edwards and Peterson are shown the door at the end of the season, I expect EXACTLY THE SAME THING NEXT YEAR TOO.

I would LOVE to see a collection of posts from this and other forums from the day Edwards was announced as head coach; I bet it's a hate-fest/flame war for the ages.
That Herm Edwards was chosen as our head coach by Peterson should tell you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BOTH OF THEM.
As long as those two run the show, the Kansas City Chiefs will NOT be a winning franchise. Period.
The GOOD NEWS, is that these two knuckleheads have stubbornly committed the franchise to building a championship team through the draft, instead of quick-fixing every possible gap through free-agency. And thankfully, they are better at drafting than anything else they do.
This will make us a better team long-term, and it will give the RIGHT GM and Head Coach the weapons needed to win games.

Come on people; you KNOW this. It's been at the back of your head since we cleaned house at the end of 2007, and committed to a Re-Build.
You've just lost sight of it because like any other football fan; you want some bragging rights.
And you'll eventually get them.
You'll get them after we've drafted another class, sent them to "NFL School" for a season, and when that team takes the field in 2010 under new leadership.
Until then; be happy with the obvious improvements at certain positions and the W's we do get; or you'll just be tearing your hair out for the rest of this season and next year too.

The other good news is that we just might finally have a legitimate NFL Quarterback on the roster, and an O-Coord with the stones to use him in unconventional ways.
When was the last time you could say that???

In short; see reality for what it is, and BUCK UP.