The leader in our woefull division has 4 wins. If the Chiefs dont choke against the Jets, Bucs, and Pats, (big if's) the Chiefs would also have 4 wins, plus the tiebreaker with Denver, leaving them in first place. But as you all know, If's dont get you anywhere. Unless they are pointed towards the future of coarse. The Chiefs cant change what they did last month but "IF" they can change what they do this month you might be very surprised were they end up. First of all, the Broncos have to lose tonight, which is very possible. Next the Chiefs would have to beat the Chargers, which is not impossible. If these two things were to happen, you would wake up on Monday morning, with your favorite team two games back of the division lead, with tiebreaker wins against Denver and San Diego. When you throw in the fact that the chiefs will have 7 games left, this idea starts getting very exciting. One more fact: Most Vegas groups have the AFC west winner as the Broncos at 8-8 or 7-9. Can we do that? Probably not, but its worth an eye brow raise.
GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!