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Not to burst anyone's bubble, but.....we're mediocre AND bad right now. Sorry, I just call it like I see it. And the Raiders are pretty bad, but....not much worse than we are right now. Don't think so? Look at their stats compared to ours-

KC Offense

29th in points scored
26th in total yards
26th in passing yards
16th in rushing yards

OAK Offense

32nd in points scored
30th in total yards
32nd in passing yards
10th in rushing yards

KC Defense

28th in points allowed
32nd in total yards allowed
27th in passing yards allowed
31st in rushing yards allowed

OAK Defense

23rd in points allowed
25th in total yards allowed
12th in passing yards allowed
30th in rushing yard allowed

Pretty even, with a slight edge to OAK on defensive numbers. We should have won our home game, but I think OAK pulls out a victory in their home turf. That stadium is a nightmare for opposing teams every year, no matter how terrible OAK is playing.

I think the only other win comes against CIN to round out the year at 2-14. The elements are there to win, but Herm and his coaches just can't put together 4 quarters of winning football.
How do they stack up over the last month though? We started out really sh!tty, but have shown some improvement while the gayders are going back downhill. And you are joking about how hard it is for teams to win in Jokeland right? They have lost more than anyone since they went to the Superbowl.