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Thread: Crazy Draft Trade Idea!!!!!

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    Default Crazy Draft Trade Idea!!!!!

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    A lot of Mocks have us drafted 2nd behind the Lions NOW.

    Lions got a 1st,3rd,6th for the Roy W. trade to Dallas.

    How funny would it be if the Lions traded up with there 1st rounder from Dallas to get our 2nd pick overall LOL

    If the Chiefs get a DE or MLB in FA and Thiggy keeps doing what hes doing then we could trade down to around 15th(this is the MOCK spot for Dallas's pick) and draft Duke Robinson G from OU (STUD guard, RLY RLY good) or some DE/LB depending on what we do in FA.

    This is how it would look (Lions would get the better value points wise, but chiefs would be in great shape)

    Chiefs: get (15th, 33rd, 65th) thats the lions second 1st, and there 2nd and 3rd round picks which is worth: 15th=1,050 33rd=580, 65th=265, total of 1895 draft points

    Lions: get (2nd pick over all) which is worth 2600 draft points

    Value points taken from this website BTW: NFL Draft Value Points

    Also, you would need to think of this in the Lions shoes. They would really be trading this. Roy W. and a 2nd rounder FOR the 2nd pick overall in the draft and an extra 6th round pick. Hmmm get the best QB AND LT AND a 6th for Roy and a 2nd.

    Round 1

    1st: Lions
    2nd: Lions
    3rd: Cinny

    LOL that would be crazy to watch the Lions have the first 2 picks in the draft LOLOL.

    just having some fun on a Friday. Opinions are like elbows, everyone has a couple and I'm just stating some fun ones :)
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