No not really!

When is Clark Hunt going to realize the Herm Edwards/Carl Peterson debacle isn't working? My God, we're 1-10. 1-10 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got blown out at home. In all fairness the Bills defense is pretty well ranked, but their offense wasn't and they kicked our @ss. 54 points. I can't even stomach that number.

Herm Edwards by the numbers should NOT be coaching in this league.

8th season with a record of 53-70.

3rd season with the Chiefs 14-29.

I honestly can't believe the Chiefs bring Herm back for another dismal performance. Bringing him back sends a terrible message to the players, "losing is okay." No, it's not Herm. We as die hard fans, who spend a lot of money each year, deserve better. And there's no guarantee this youth experiment will even work. We could be in this thing for another few years and still put up losing records. Cut Herm, Gunther and Carl loose and let's start this thing in a different direction. A brand new GM and new coaches. Maybe keep Chan around as OC, but I'm not totally sold on him either.

At least when Schottenheimer and Vermail coached, we were in close games and always had a nail biting ending to games. But this crap is getting old.

I'm off my soapbox. Please come again.