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Thread: Chiefs DE Jared Allen Has Suspension Reduced To Two Games

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    Default Chiefs DE Jared Allen Has Suspension Reduced To Two Games

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    Source: Adam Teicher, Kansas City Star

    Jared Allen was planning to treat the first month of the Chiefsí schedule as the offseason. He was going to head back to Arizona and work out with a trainer much as he did during the spring. Allen, a starting defensive end, will have to rethink that strategy after learning that the NFL - after hearing his appeal - reduced his season-opening suspension from four games to two. The reason for the reduction wasnít clear. Allen said he hasnít read the letter he received from the NFL, which has yet to publicly announce his suspension. Chiefs officials were unavailable Sunday. The suspension for violation of the NFLís substance-abuse policy stems from Allenís two DUI charges in Johnson County. He entered a diversion program in connection with the first charge and pleaded no contest to the second. Allen will not be paid for the two games he misses.
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    Hee Hee, I'm still trying to get the two game suspension to start in pre season, Hee, Hee!!
    Go Chiefs Eleven, win
    in 2007!!:fighting0068:

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