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I have to disagree that Dansby is better than Vilma. Even though Vilma may be slightly undersized, he is a solid tackler and you do not see him get ran over. Plus, the best part of Vilma is his great speed at the linebacker spot and coverage skills which KC needs to cover a tight end. I think if we stay at the third spot then draft an OT, but if we trade down, then take Curry. Think about a combo of Curry, Vilma, and Johnson.

Haynesworth would be worth taking because we have the room in the salary cap. Signing Haynesworth with Suggs will make a great addition to the team and bring intensity to the defense.
Well, we probably can't trade down. No one trades down from the top 5 anymore because of the large rookie contracts.

I agree about Haynesworth and Suggs. We need someone who can be of use against the run and someone to rush the passer. They would be the best fit on our lines. If we do get Suggs, we need bigger MLB than Vilma, as Suggs is also undersized and can be a liability against the run.

Why would you rather have DJ, Vilma, and Curry than DJ, Maualuga, and Dansby? The latter seems, to me, the much better LB corps. Vilma isn't so hot against the run, he's undersized, an he hs injury history. Dansby is very good against the run and is fast enough to cover a TE or possession WR. And Maualuga will be the next great MLB, due to his size and speed. Don't get me wrong, Curry will be a good OLB, but I think ten years from now, Maualuga will be the star of the 2009 draft.

Or to put it another way, Curry/Vilma is fine, but I think Maualuga/Dansby would make us one of the top 3 LB corps in the league.