ok the 2008 season is all but over with one game left at cincinati.and the kansas city chiefs have managed to put there worst record ever together.[even with a win against the bengals].also they will most likely break the record for the least sacks in a season. but their is without a doubt some reason to be optimistic about the 09 and 2010 season with another solid draft and some moves in the free agency market.and to go with that the departure of a general manager that was more than past his prime.and more than likely the firing of the defensive cordinator, defensive line coach and possibly the head coach.things are looking up wich brings me to the point of the lowest of the low to reach the highest of the high.the chiefs have been an average clubhouse when it comes to playoff appearances and superbowls with only one superbowl victory. they have never gone through the ground up rebuild process wich could explain the average clubhouses. and this team will be just that down the road a team that came up in the league together and can hopefully bring us the highest of the high a superbowl victory. it took the cowboys two solid draft picks in the 90's and a few seasons of horrible footbal play to win their three superbowl rings.so the next move choosing a gm should be one that is done very carefully the future of this franchise is definantly on the head of clark hunt.