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    Mike There was once a thought around the Chiefs organization that Larry Johnson could take over the reigns from Priest Holmes and because the next star running back for the Chiefs. I guess they were right if they figured he would last only a year and a half. After sensational 05 and 06 seasons, LJ has completely collapsed. He was injured for almost all of 07, and really didn't do much when he did play. He was suspended for a good part of 08, and he did play a bit better, but still nothing compared to what he had to make up for his attitude. LJ seems to feel that things have run it's cource in Kansas City, and would rather go to a team on the east coast. Good riddance, if you ask me. I'm sure the Eagles or Giants would love yet another distraction on their respective teams. However, first he'd have to renegotiate your contract, seeing as how no one would wanna take on that monster. It's not like it's all LJ's fault, though! He should have never been resigned in the first place. Just one of King Carl's many blunders that we're still paying for. Honestly, I would love to see him out of Kansas City, but the chances of anyone taking on that contract is small at best, and LJ is too greedy to renegotiate. In the season finale against the Bengals, LJ had just 18 yards on 10 carries. He also failed multiple times to get it in the endzone from the 1 yard line. If the new GM can find any way possible to get this pain off this team, I would be the first on his bandwagon! I like to think of it as a three-headed monster, one head has already been slain, being Carl Peterson. Two others need the same treatment before we can truly rebuild this franchise.


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    I appreciate the fact that he at least takes blame for his off field actions as to why its not working.

    I also agree with him in his role in this offense. Its just not working. The days when we had all pro O-line with smashing run game are gone.

    I still say we get a Power back on our roster in the draft for short yds situtations(if LJ isnt here). I just dont like seeing spread (or shotgun)when all you need is 6 inches.


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