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Herm moving to GM would solve the coaching problem, in a sense because he would not be there anymore. While I am not sold on the idea, I do think the Chiefs had one of the best drafts they have ever had. Herm does deserve part of the credit for it. That is kind of a far reach for him though, don't you think?

I agree with you that just because Pioli is from the Patriots does not make him a genius to be the next GM. It'll be hard to say whether he learned anything from them. But he does seem like a possibility because he has the potential to fit the requirements Clark Hunt mapped out for the next GM he wants.

If the Chiefs do promote Herm to GM, do you think the Chiefs wil bring in Schottenheimer for a position and if so, do Herm and Marty get along?
I don't see why Herm and Schott wouldn't get along. They coached together in the 90's. I think they have parallel views on how to build a team. But I could see them butting heads over players. If one comes in, i don't see the other coming in as well. That's why the coaching problem bothers me. There really isn't a clear cut guy who could come in and continue what has been started.

I'd imagine the HC would have to come from Chicago, Indy, or Tampa. I just don't see that guy yet. Why isn't there a Jack Del-Rio on the map when the Chiefs are looking for a coaching candidate. I'd like someone in here who could be a great coach and make the correct decisions on the field. Herm HAS shown weaknesses there. But I'd like a fresh face on the Head Coaching landscape who the franchise and fan base would give some time to prove his capabilities. I'm afraid that if we bring in someone with high expectations that the fan base would get impatient after a couple years if things don't go well and just say stuff like, "the game passed him up" or some crap like that as they scream for a new coach every third year. That's just a poor approach.