From Adam Schefter of

For Kansas City to trade Johnson, it would cost $8.8 million against its salary cap next season. For the Chiefs to keep Johnson, it would cost $8.2 million against the salary cap next season.
So this is their choice trade a player who has said he wants out, or keep the player who could be a detriment in the locker room.
Whoever is the new general manager for the Chiefs will have to weigh whether it is worth auctioning off Johnson to the highest bidder, hoping to get back, at best, a second-round pick and more likely a third-round pick and possibly some other late-round compensation.

I gotta tell ya, if the Chiefs can get a 2nd and 4th, I'd be good with that. It'd be great if the Chiefs could get something comparable for TGonz if he still wants out. I'd be good with 3 2nd rounders and 3 4th rounders. Imagine how great things could get if we could trade down a few spots from the 3rd pick. We could be talking about at least 4 2nd round picks. That'd be freakin awesome!!