According to Yahoo's Jason Cole, Michael Vick will be suspended by the NFL following his indictment on charges related to dog fighting. Sources say Roger Goodell has monitored Vick's situation since the two met face-to-face in April and Vick told the commissioner that he rarely visited his property in Surry County, Virginia. The president of the US Humane Society is urging Goodell to take immediate action. The question now will be whether the league considers waiting for a guilty verdict to hand down discipline. "Where (Vick) is in the most trouble is that he lied to the commissioner," an anonymous league source said. "He told (Goodell) in April that he didn't know anything about this. The commissioner gave (Vick) every chance to come clean, be straight about what was going on. Instead, he just kept denying it."

Source: Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports