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Thread: Do you think Mike Vick will start the season?

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    Default Do you think Mike Vick will start the season?

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    Listened to a guy out of Atl. today talking about how he thought Vick would NOT be the starter at the beginning of the '07 season. Said this case was going to be super expidited because of the graphic nature of things and the fact that the Humane Society was playing a fairly large role in the investigation. Apparently they, along with several other outfits are putting some pressure on the organization to take immediate action in dealing with Vick.

    I have a feeling it's about to come down hard on Vick. Not sure it will take a conviction for the league or the Falcons to take action on this case!

    I keep hearing people talk about how this is his first offense and so on but his name has been in the news several other times for incedences away from the field. Hiding his stash in the fake water bottle, the whole Ron Mexico thing and a couple other deals. This guy is as guilty as they come!! No doubt in my mind.
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