Everyone is saying Herm is on his way out. I do find it interesting that Herm wasn't fired BEFORE Pioli signed, like all the rumors had Hunt doing. If Pioli DOES come in and fire Herm immediately, I'm going to be VERY interested to see how he justifies it. "6 wins in 2 years" just isn't a smart argument. Neither of the last two teams were built to win and Herm is the guy who pushed to dump all the old guys and start completely over... which is now what Hunt is trying to continue to do.

This whole situation (if that's how it went down) is like sitting down with a salesman who convinces you that you should go one way instead of another and then after you've made your decision, you decided to grab another salesman to complete the sale so they could get the commission. It just doesn't make sense to me.

This whole move just seems like Hunt is just trying to please the mob. After watching EVERY SINGLE person leave that organization and absolutely BOMB by themselves, I just don't understand why everyone is so excited about this guy. If he brought Belichick with him, then I'd be more excited about it. But seriously, who do y'all think is more responsible for their successes, Pioli, Belichick, or having a solid O-line and franchise QB that was built before Pioli got there?

I REALLY hope Pioli does good for us. I sincerely hope I'm wrong and we're not just the next team to pluck an overrated part of Bellichick's staff like Savage, Weiss, McDaniel, Crennell, etc. I'm real curious why more people aren't worried about this. I've done my homework on Pioli and can't find exactly what he was responsible for during their great run this decade except that he was part of the team.

Bellichick has total personnel control over that team and Pioli wasn't even the GM.

The whole thing about this franchise and where they've been the past decade and where they're headed is that this franchise was decimated by poor drafting from 99 to 2005. The head coach always gets the majority of the blame for a team's failure and to a certain extent that's acceptable. But a successful team builds through the draft and doesn't trade away draft picks for older vets. For whatever reason, Peterson didn't like this concept and it ultimately led to the destruction of this team and his resignation.

I thank Edwards for finally getting this franchise on the right path and opening ownership's eyes to the fact that the right way to build a franchise is the way we're doing it and that Peterson was a cancer to this team. Edwards was the first coach since Schottenheimer to build this team correctly. At this point in the franchise's history, a coaches ability to manage the clock isn't exactly high on the list of concerns. He has established a culture this past year for the Chiefs and unless Pioli and the next head coach believe in the same concept, the Chiefs are never going to establish a consistently great team.

I will say though, that if you looked at the beginning of the Patriot dynasty, they did exactly what Edwards and Hunt want to do. They built the team through the draft and only recently started adding high priced free agents. So, that is encouraging. If Pioli fires Herm because he thinks he's bringing in a better talent who believes in the same concept as Edwards and Hunt do, then I'm all for it.

My very first concern has been and always will be building this team the right way. My endorsement of Edwards stems from the lone fact that he's the first guy who's pushed to do things the right way since Marty. My allegiance is to the team and any personnel who pushes to build the franchise for the long-term through the draft. The only other reason I thought Edwards should be retained is the fact he's only been given one team in three years who could've conceivably competed for a playoff birth and firing him IMO just isn't fair. But in term of the franchise, as long as they bring in a head coach with the same philosophy, I really don't care one way or the other who the head coach is. Well, as long as its not Ferentz.