There is a fundamental difference in approach to this process. Build properply and maintenance regularly. Actually, the need to rebuild should not exist when managed and coached properly.

The prime example is the comaprison between the Chiefs and the Patriots organizations.

Over the past 8 years, when did the Patriots rebuild? Never, is the correct answer.

Simply put, they manage and coach their team personnel in a manner that allows a competitent replacement to be readily prepared upon attrition.

They never totally overhaul a team. Exclaimed key players leave...Okay...They already have someone that can step in and replace them OR they have the cash to sign a FA, like Randy Moss. They do a great job of late round drafting and developing.

Pioli will implement that mentality into the Cheifs organization which will vastly improve their fundamentals in "business management." Thus, netting long term, continued success.

A down year should be at worse...8-8.

Ye shall see....